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As if the Pokemon Go phenomenon hasn’t taken over the world yet, more Pokemon-related games are set to be released on other platforms. There’s the Pokken for Wii U, and the Pokemon Sun and Moon for Nintendo 3DS. It is safe to say that Pokemon goes all the way in getting new fans, while providing avid fans with more options to enjoy the game.

What is even better is that every platform offers something different for Pokemon players. They may share basic characteristics and features, but there are distinguishable elements as well.

Pokemon Go on Smartphones

Among the Pokemon-related games, Pokemon Go is the most affordable, requiring little investment from fans. As long as you have a smartphone, and the game is available in your region, you can install the app-based mobile game and start enjoying the augmented reality app. By the time you complete your Pokedex, you could lose a good amount of weight.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

This Nintendo 3DS’ game does not exactly reinvent the wheel, but it provides new stories and new Pokemon and Alola forms. Once you’ve completed your Pokedex in Pokemon Go, you can play Pokemon Sun and Moon for a different game experience. You can also switch between games to spice up gameplay.

Pokken on Wii U

Similar to the Pokemon Sun and Moon, you need to invest in a new device in order to enjoy the Pokken. But it will be a worthy investment, judging from the teaser trailer. Haven’t seen it yet? You should check it out. What makes this different from the first two Pokemon games is the Pokken Tournament, which is unlike other Pokemon battles you may have encountered. It gives fans an opportunity to enjoy an all-new action-packed arena fights, made possible by the intuitive fighting system of the Wii U.

With Pokken, you will learn different fighting styles of legendary Pokemon, including Pikachu, with just a press of a button on Wii U consoles. There’s also an option to call upon a Pokemon backup if ever you need it. But victory is sweeter if you knock out your opponent, and claim the title of a Pokken Tournament Champion all on your own.