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If you’re a hardcore Pokemon Go player, we have important news for you! Niantic – the company responsible for Pokemon Go – has just announced that they will release a Pokemon Go Plus wearable this September.

The device won’t differ too much from the usual wearables and it can be used as a bracelet-like accessory or as a pin. It looks like a Pokeball and it will feature a BlueTooth sensor which will vibrate whenever Pokemon and Pokestops are nearby. It will also enable players to collect items by pressing a certain button.

The wearable was initially set for release sometime at the end of July, soon after the Pokemon Go was launched, but that date was delayed without any explanation. At the time, several people had already pre-ordered the device and were completely displeased with the situation. In fact, the wearable is already sold out on Amazon and Gamestop.

However, Nintendo apologized and promised that it will give them a discount for future purchases.

Niantic and the Pokemon Company announced the launch date for the Pokemon Go Plus shortly after Apple’s press conference which was held yesterday, on the 7th of September during which the new iPhone 7 was launched.

During that announcement, Niantic also mentioned that there will also be a Pokemon Go app for the Apple Watch.

It’s very possible that the wearable is meant to stop Pokemon Go players from abandoning the game. It appears that Pokemon Go recorded approximately 45 million players in July 2016, but only 30 million players in August 2016. This is a huge drop in players – about 15 million -and it indicates that Pokemon Go is not as popular now as it was when it first came out.

The Pokemon Go Plus wearable is priced at $34.99 and it’s scheduled for release on the 16th of September.