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Next month, when you will be plugging in your VR headsets from PlayStation, you will feel the experience more real through a physical demo disc you will receive. Yesterday we got the chance to find out some new info about the upcoming PlayStation VR from a post on their blog. As such, we now know that PlayStation will come with 8 free samples for games: Headmaster, Battlezone, PlayStation VR Worlds, Driveclub VR, Tumble VR, EVE: Valkyrie, RIGS Mechanized Combat League and Wayward Sky.

Driveclub VR belongs to the flagship racing games franchise that appeared on the PS4. PS VR Worlds is a showcase of five minigames through which you can test the limits of the system. Sony is hoping that RIGS would become a VR e-sport app, while EVE: Valkyrie is currently one of the biggest launch games in Oculus Rift.

As many fans noticed, using a demo disc is basically a return to the 90s and the 00s. The nostalgic users will definitely appreciate it, especially if you tried a game before you buy it, like everybody did in that time. However, we don’t know yet if you will be able to download the demos even without having a disc. This might even be a sign that the Sony company does not rely on its network to support several VR game downloads simultaneously.

This could actually be true, but we don’t know yet how large the games are going to be in order to be sure of it. Even so, putting them on a disc is an interesting option, since VR reminds many people of the 90s and it’s something that has become so uncommon these days. Moreover, Sony is offering you the pleasure of unwrapping a disc, which doesn’t compare to the experience of navigating the PlayStation Store looking for a new game to play.