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The Google Play Store is where you – Android users – get apps, games and other forms of content for your device. While the marketplace is filled with anything and everything you could possibly want for your phone, there are times when what’s available just doesn’t jive with your preferences. It’s in these moments where you crave installations from other sources. And it’s not so hard to do that with an Android device.

But what happens when the app you so desperately want to install is the Google Play Store itself? There are many reasons why you want to update or downgrade your Play Store app, one of which is trying out different versions. So if you’re the kind that loves to play around, you can install the Play Store by yourself through the Google Play Store APK. This is the one reason a Google Play Store APK is important: it allows you to change what version you have to something that you like best. After all, not every update will be your cup of tea.

What’s an APK?

An APK is essentially like an EXE file which you just run and it does everything. So while the manual process may sound daunting, it really isn’t given the relative easiness of installing an app through an APK.

What is the latest Google Play Store APK?

The latest APK is version 6.9.15 and one of the features is an “App Streaming” function which allows you to test an app before downloading it. The app will load on a remote server which is then streamed to your device.

This update may also include a purchase interface for virtual reality. Right now, making a purchase needs a smartphone to complete the process.

So if you’re interested in changing your Play Store version, here’s how you install the app through an APK.