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It’s official, Windows 10 Minecraft now has Oculus Rift support. This was released with a free update and it limited to the PC version of the game, Microsoft and Mojang haven’t commented on if they’ll be bringing VR support to mobile version of the game just yet.

Critics have suspected this for quite some time but the Minecraft team has now confirmed that the Oculus Rift version includes features not seen in the Gear VR version of Minecraft; Gear VR has had Minecraft support for quite some time already.

Players can use their keyboard and mouse with the Oculus Rift version and there are new settings so that players can adjust their in-game VR supported movement and also the graphics; this is separate to the non-VR version of the game and making changes to one will not affect the other version of the game. This is a very handy tool when adjusting the graphics to better suit the Oculus Rift.

Some players are reporting extreme motion sickness with the Oculus Rift however so it looks like the team will need to continue work on the Oculus Rift support to reduce this issue.