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At the end of August a player had reportedly captured a ‘real’ Mewtwo and released a video on Youtube as proof however the inconsistencies were quickly noticed by fans and the video has now been dismissed as fake.


While the video looks like it could have been real, there were just too many errors including the player not being given the 500 XP bonus which is given to players when they catch a new Pokemon.

It’s not surprising that Niantic hasn’t given out any more legendary Pokemon considering what happened with the Articuno’s last month.


pokemon-go-pikachu-mewtwo (1)

A new trailer seems to suggest that Mewtwo will be available for capture in Times Square in New York City;

it’s unknown exactly where Niantic will allow players to capture ledendary Pokemon and some players suspect that the company will place level limits so that only high level players will be able to capture them.