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Clash Royale players are due to receive a massive update this month however many of the details of this are currently unknown; Supercell will reveal the various components of the update as it gets closer to release.

Players can expect to see major changes coming to the Legendary Arena which has been causing some issues lately; some users have suggested that epic cards should always drop from a Crown Chest when the player is in A9. While this would be a simple fix, it could cause some problems for new players and make the game much more difficult as a new player.

There are also calls for the developer to deal with grinding in the game so that collecting cards becomes less tedious but there have been no good fan suggestions for far for fixing this issue. Clash Royale should also see some Tournament changes to make them easier to find, enter and ultimately, win.

As expected from any update, there will be various unit buffs and nerfs. The unit most likely to receive a nerf is Miki Pekka which has been called overpowered by many players.