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Several teams have been working hard to jailbreak the PS4 and release their exploits to the public; the most promising current jailbreak was released in March by failOverflow which allows experienced Linux users to install the operating system onto the PS4.

Their hack doesn’t include an exploit which means that users will need to discover their own before they can make this hack work.

Another group has claimed that they’re working on a dongle attachment for the PS4 which will jailbreak the console for the user; this comes from a group named H3ck34 however there is very limited information available about this team.

Some rumors suggest that this team is releated to the infamous Cobra team who were known for their PS3 hack.


There are some doubts about the latest dongle claim however; the last team who claimed to be releasing a dongle appeared to actually be fake and the device was never released.

According to the team who was supposedly creating it, the device was actually being call an Emulator which would allow players to play pirated games and homebrew apps.

Hopeful the latest team of hackers will release details about their upcoming dongle soon.