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The 20th anniversary of the Half-Life series is coming up very soon and it’s possible that Valve will commemorate this in some way; this is a big achievement after all for such a popular PC game, even if the Half-Life 2 episodic trilogy was never finished.

Half-life will be 20 years old in 2018 and while it seems unlikely that Valve would finally release the highly anticipated game, fans are still hopeful for Half-life 3. Recent news has shown that Valve is still expanding their workforce and the company has recently moved their offices to a new location to allow for more employees. Valve has not explained why they need so many new employees but current rumors suggest that the company might be developing a new game.

There is no information about what the new game could be but this could suggest that Valve is working on something to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Half-Life. If this isn’t a new game then fans could be looking forwards to re-mastered versions of the games in the series; this is something that PC gamers would also appreciate but it would be quite disappointing for die-hard fans of the Half-Life series.