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Everything is becoming more costly these days, and we are constantly on the lookout for anything that offers quality but at less the price. This is true even in the way we communicate with each other. Yes, smartphones are more numerous nowadays but the downside is getting in touch has become so much more expensive.

What a time it is to be alive then when apps like WhatsApp are in existence. As you should know by now, the app is the most popular messaging application – as of February 2016 at least. You can send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio messages to other users using standard mobile numbers as long as there is internet. How convenient is that, right?

If you are the kind who loves to keep in touch with friends and family wherever you are, here are good reasons you should create a WhatsApp account:

  1. It is free. Although WhatsApp switched to a paid model for some time, it is now free as of January 2016. Jan Koum, the app’s founder, announced that the company would be dropping their annual subscription fee to remove barriers faced by customers when using the service.
  2. The internet is available almost everywhere. With WhatsApp, you don’t need to pay enormous fees just to send your loved ones updates on what’s going on with your life when you’re abroad. Also, chatting with friends for hours doesn’t result in huge fees because WhatsApp relies on the internet.
  3. It can convey much more than traditional text messages. With WhatsApp, you can send videos and even audio files – these aren’t the norm yet with standard text messages (although emojis are now supported). In short, there’s just a lot more you can do with WhatsApp and that alone enhances the conversation.

Once you’ve got WhatsApp on your device, why not unlock the app’s hidden features?