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Clash Royale is a popular video gaming card that has been developed by Supercell. The game is inspired from the well known Clash of Clans game which is currently played by millions of gamers.

Likewise Clash of Clans, the Clash Royale games need to receive some updates that will fix some of the issues that most of the players are complaining about. According to some posts from Reddit forums, Clash Royale’s gamers are quite frustrated about the arena, as for most of the arena games are a pain in the ass, and they are extremely frustrated because, currently, it seems that they’re struggling to get legendary ranks.

Improvements On The Game’s Tournaments

There are reports which say that Supercell will have to improve the game’s tournaments in order to lure more players into this game. It seems that the tournament mode will need to get a revamp, as it is currently quite hard for some gamers to find tournaments to join.

It is good to know that the Legendary Clash Royale cards are very important, as you usually win because of them. There are already a good amount of gamers who are trying to purchase these unique cards and Supercell should bring some changes so that the gamers can purchase it with ease.

At the same time, some of these Legendary Cards will need to be balanced a bit, as they are over-powered and they tend to imbalance the tournaments. In other words, in some matches, you will just lose the game just because the other player has an over-powered Legendary Card.

Currently, it is not sure when exactly the Clash Royale Major Update will be released, but it is expected to happen sometime in September 2016 and it’s still early to start worrying if it won’t arrive in the next few days.