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Clash of Clans was first released in 2012 and has been incredibly successful over the years however, the release of Pokemon Go has caused the strategy game to struggle.

According to reports, the player base for the game has dwindled this year but developer Supercell has still had a ban wave for the game.

The developer has issued a ban wave for bots, modders and other cheaters which has banned a large number of users from the game; before the wave commenced, the team announced the incoming ban wave which may have sparked players to leave the game before the latest permanent ban wave.


While Clash of Clans players are leaving in a mass departure from the game, Supercell has also revealed that the dedicated Clash of Clans convention has been canceled for the year.

The cancellation of ClashCon could prove that the game is finally on its way out however the team has stated that they’re still working on new content for the game.

A September update is due for release towards the end of the month which will hopefully contain some nice content to encourage some players to return.