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Android users who have installed Chrome browser on their devices can install the latest version 53, which comes with new features that were firstly added to desktops, a week ago. Besides bug fixes and other improvements, Chrome 53 brings support for Android Pay and thanks to this new feature, users are able to make secure payments online if they have a credit card or if they’re using Google’s service.

Google has added PaymentRequest API to make it easier for Android users to make payments online, without having to enter information related to billing/shipping/payer, as they will simply click once and they will make the payment without any other efforts. This feature was firstly introduced for desktop and now it’s available on mobile phones, but this new Chrome update brings also other options, such as the ability to mute videos to start playing, even if the users don’t interact with them. However, users should mark the video as muted and select the autoplay option.

Chrome 53 comes also with many stability fixes and performance improvements and you can find the full list of changes in the Git log, but Google is asking for users’ help to identify issues and report them, so they can be fixed in short time. The update for the Android version will be available on the Google Play in the next days.

This browser was released for Android 4.0 on February 7, 2012 as a beta version, supporting synchronization with desktop Chrome. The application has received many HTML5 features, and we’ll mention CSS animations, CSS 3D Transforms, SVG, WebSocket, Dedicated Workers, HTML5 video support, IndexedDB, WebWorkers, Application Cache and the File APIs etc. The next update from the same year added support for 31 languages, and a month later, Chrome has become stable and a little bit later, it started supporting Intel x86 based mobile devices.