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Amazon is currently expanding the universal search option found on the Fire TV and Fire Stick devices. For this purpose, they released yesterday a software update that would make things easier and simpler. This update comes with interesting new additions, such as HBO Go or Netflix. Thus the number of apps and channels that are search compatible just rose to 75.

According to Amazon, there are more services similar to the HBO Now coming for us, news that can only make fans happy. Moreover, after they released the update, it seems that they are now the “broadest cross-provider search of any streaming service”.

And as if this wasn’t enough, the company has a page similar to Chromecast. Basically, when you search for a movie or a TV show, Fire TV will show you all the places where you can find it. Together with this, you will also see where you can buy it, rent it or stream it, so the choice remains all yours.

Though the update is quite simple, it has been well-received by fans who are using the service. In fact, this aspect was one of the few issues people have complained in the past. For instance, back in the fall if you searched for titles like Narcos or Chef’s Table, you would have got only related search results and other videos, not the content per se. This is one of the major issues that the update released yesterday solved.

The company also announced that they introduced some changes to Alexa, the voice assistant provided by Amazon. Now you will be able to command it to skip a couple of minutes or to rewind 20 seconds when you look at videos from Amazon Prime Instant. Also, you will enjoy a sports updates feature which lets you snapshot the scores and info of your favorite team.