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It seems that Adobe has finally realized that its Flash Player is dying on the Windows OS platform and it is now making some strange decisions. First of all, you should know that the Flash Player support for Linux was removed by Adobe a few years ago.

Well, now it seems that the company is bringing Flash Player support for Linux OS once again. Flash Player is dying on the Windows OS platform because of the HTML5 rival, which is way more stable, it has fewer bugs and runs smoothly and without any problems.

Right now, the most popular web browsers out there are using HTML5 by default and the Linux users don’t even know what Flash Player is. Well, after four years of only patching the Linux port with security fixes, Adobe wants to bring Flash Player (in terms of features) on par with the Windows and Mac OS X versions.

Adobe Flash Player BETA Version For Linux

We remind you that Adobe has announced a while ago that starting from 2017, they will completely stop supporting the NPAPI version of the Flash Player, but it seems that this is no longer the case as starting today, they are promising to make sure that the Linux users will have the newest Flash Player version.

We have to agree that not all websites are currently using HTML5 by default and there are still a good amount of well known websites that are still using the Flash technologies for their content. However, this doesn’t mean that Linux users will go back to Flash Player just because Adobe has changed its mind and decided to bring Flash Player support for that operating system once again.

What are your thoughts about Flash Player? Are you using it on your computer that runs on Linux OS?