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For years in a row, the investors at Nintendo tried hard to make the developers bring the countless characters to smartphones. Finally, now we get to see the popular Mario game brought to the iPhone devices. But why did they make this move at last?

Let’s see how Nintendo is situated on the market: truth be told, the holiday season ahead seems to be the most disappointing one in the entire history of the company. The Wii U is on its way out of the market, while the Nintendo 3DS is totally missing from the holiday releases. Meanwhile, the great Nintendo NX has not even been announced and as it seems will not see its release until next year.

However, this year we got the announcement for a  NES Classic Edition and Pokemon Go, which was one of the most successful games ever. The Classic Edition will be released on November 11, just before Black Friday. It will include 30 NES games with many of the characters you totally loved in the 90s and a box looking like a miniature NES where you can plug the games and play.

There was another attempt to gain success on the smartphones, a partnership which was the first project the company tried with DeNA, a mobile games company. It was called Miitomo and this app did not succeed in improving the stock value for Nintendo. Though its release seemed to be really promising in March, a report showed that 2 months after that, only 1/4 of the users still used it.

Apparently, Nintendo has other plans with its partner DeNA, and they plan to release more games targeting smartphones up until 2017. The games they are working on seem to include Animal Crossing and several series that proved to have a certain success to their audience.