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Perhaps the most anticipated gadgets that are to be released this year are Surface Pro 5 from Microsoft and MacBook Air 2016 from Apple. There is quite a big rivalry between the two products, since they mainly target the same market. Of course, a comparison comes naturally, since both products are up for the release and the unveiling, and this means that there are lots of rumors and speculations circulating about the specs and features they will include.

These two devices seem to be the exponents of the great rivalry between the leading tech companies on the market, namely Microsoft and Apple. One point of difference between the upcoming devices is the type of processor the developers used: Surface Pro 5 is rumored to use an Intel Kaby Lake and MacBook Pro 2016 should be using Intel Skylake.

Another difference between the two products would be, according to the rumors, the fact that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 should replace the stylus powered b a 4A battery with their own Surface Pen. Meanwhile, Apple is said to introduce an OLED bar feature on the new laptop.

Yibada tackles the problem from a different point of view: not only the new laptops are competing against each other, but they are also supposed to perform better than their predecessors. The Surface Pro 5, for instance, is expected to use a better battery and to bring a 4K resolution on a 13.3 inches screen. MacBook Pro 2016 should also have a longer battery lifespan than the previous model and to be slimmer, lighter, while also offering more power. This should come in two options: a 13-inches and a 15-inches one.

Sadly, there is no official announcement made by the companies regarding the release date of the two devices, so all we have to do is wait.