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After being released as a VR version and getting many great reviews, there is still much to improve about the Minecraft: Pocket Edition game and the developers at Mojang are working on it.

The latest update for the game has the version number 0.15.7 and it’s a small one that brings a new texture pack for Minecrafters and a lot of specific bug fixes for both the PC version and the VR version. The new Natural texture pack brings hi-res textures and more realistic sheep faces (as realistic as they can be in Minecraft) which will somewhat change the overall aspect of the game and it may not be so pleasant to some people. But if sharper textures are more to your liking then you will enjoy this update.

The update is optional and it’s sold at $2.99. If you want to get a good idea of what the game will look like after you roll it, go to the in-game store where you will see some screenshots.

There is another update that is expected to come very soon entitled 0.16 Boss and Mojang has already enlisted the help of Minecrafters to test it out. If you are interested in this, go to the Google Play Store and sign up to become a tester.

The 0.16 Boss update is presumed to come with monuments, bosses and beacons. There will be many new beasts such as the three headed Wither and the Elder Guardian that will leave Nether Stars behind once they are defeated. Mojang also included the option for Slash commands which will allow users to tweak various aspects of the game like mob summoning or time of day.

There will be more information on this update and much more at the Minecon, an event which is scheduled to take place on September 24-25 in California.