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The release of the LG V20 is getting closer and closer and more bits of information seem to surface. The device is the heir of the V10 released last year and up until now it is quite a mystery since there were no consistent leaks about the upcoming device.

One feature that was revealed was that the V20 is one of the first devices that will receive the newest version of Andrdoi, namely the Android 7.0 Nougat. There have also been some leaks containing renders and photos of the phone, but now we also got some information about the specs.

The recent info was published by Weibo, a microblogging website based in China, and it shows a part of the hardware that would be included in the phone. According to this Chinese source, V20 will come together with 4 GB RAM, a 16 MP dual camera, 5.7 inches of 2K display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The battery will be a 4,000 mAh one, which should last enough.

Just like the previous smartphones designed by LG, V20 will not have an actual home button placed on its front, and as such the fingerprint sensor will be on the back. Regarding the software, as previously mentioned, it will be shipped with Nougat, a system that will incorporate the customized UI offered by LG. It is a safe bet to assume that the upcoming device will also include a great feature found on the V10: a narrow display as a top bar. This will be useful in keeping there app shortcuts, custom actions that can be made quicker, notifications and many more.

However, keep in mind that all these are just rumors for now. We don’t know the price for the device, but based on the price range for the last year’s release, we can assume that it will match other high-end smartphones available on the market.