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Tomorrow, Apple will unveil the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flagships, but ahead of this event, a new personalized music playlists started rolling out to Apple Music subscribers who have installed betas of the next iOS and macOS Sierra. The feature was initially called Discover Weekly and it was announced in June, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, being a direct response to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist that had 40 million users in the first year when it was released. However, Apple has decided to change its name to My New Music Mix and the playlist is updated every Friday.

Apple Music users will find “My New Music Mix” in the “For You” section, where there are displayed 25 tracks selected based on their listening history. This way, Apple is giving artists a chance to make themselves known, by promoting their songs effectively and recommending them to users based on what they usually listen to. This is the same concept used by Spotify with its “Discover Weekly” playlist, but it’s not sure if it uses a better algorithm, as this feature has just started to roll out and it wasn’t tested enough by many users.

In addition, iOS 10 users who subscribed to Apple Music are benefiting from a new playlist called “My Favorites Mix” which is updated every Wednesday and it includes songs that users love, “and more” – where the new playlist will use preferred songs to add other songs that match the ones that are already liked. This gives users the possibility to explore and find new artists and listen to their albums, which is a win-win situation. Apple Music users are also able to subscribe to any playlist and automatically download new songs when they arrive.

Apple has finally understood that it’s time to tweak its music service, after users have criticized for being cluttered and the addition of the two playlists will surely be appreciated.