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Microsoft has been dealing with many problems since it released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Users have complained about all kinds of issues and the lately, they noticed that their devices were freezing when logging in, and PowerShell started crashing after installing Build 14393.105.

The “log-in freeze” glitch appeared in the first day when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released and Microsoft wasn’t able to fix it until now. Many users have reported that their devices crashed when logging in and the company has discovered that the bug appeared on machines that have multiple logical drives, or partitions, with app data, which was manually moved to another drive. Because of this, the Windows 10 log-in process was confused and didn’t know how to “react”, so it froze. Until the bug was fixed, users had to log in with a second administrator account or to log-in in Safe Mode.

Microsoft had to fix the PowerShell problem, as well, which was brought on August 23, in Build 14393.82. The company has promised to release a new build, and eight days later it kept its word. The Build 14393.105 is now available for download, but don’t expect other new features or significant changes. The reason why PowerShell was crashing is because of a missing .MOF (Management Object Format) file that broke PowerShell Desired State Configuration used by IT administrators to manage Windows 10’s enterprise environment.

In parallel, Microsoft is working on Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2, which will be released next year and one of the new features that will make their debut is a snooze reminder, which is now tested in the latest builds. has reported that this feature will add a new menu item in Microsoft Edge browser and it will allow users to activate Cortana and tell her to set up a reminder to do something with the current web page. It’s not sure when the feature will be added to public builds or if it will make its way to the official update.