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A jailbreaking tool for the much-awaited iOS 10 will be released soon, according to rumors.

These rumors stem from the fact that jailbreaking team Pangu had showcased a working iOS 10 jailbreak during the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC), which took place on July 1 at Shanghai, China.


The demo showed the Cydia app running on an iOS device with the latest iOS 10 beta, proving that Pangu has been working on the iOS 10 months before its release.

There are also rumors that Pangu is focusing its manpower on the iOS 10 jailbreak and refusing to work on any other jailbreaking tool. The hacking team had released an iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak last month, but it was rendered useless since Apple released iOS 9.3.5 to patch up critical zero-day exploits that could be used to steal people’s private information. Apple fans expected Pangu to counter the update with an iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak, but this tool apparently won’t be developed since the Pangu team is prioritizing a jailbreaking tool for iOS 10.

Because of Pangu’s dedication to iOS 10, a lot of tech experts are thinking that the iOS 10 jailbreak it would be released soon. Some believe that it would be rolled out before the release of the iPhone 7, which will reportedly be unveiled on September 7. Others, however, think that the jailbreak would be released on October, a month after the iOS 10 is officially rolled out to the public. Still others expect the iOS 10 jailbreak to be made available next year, when Pangu has had enough time to tweak it and ensure that Apple won’t patch up the holes that were used to create the jailbreaking tool.

Only Pangu know for sure when it would release the iOS 10 jailbreaking tool to the public. What’s clear, though, is that Apple device owners won’t have to wait for long to get their hands on a jailbreak.