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By now, it’s very possible that most of you have heard about the recent change in WhatsApp’s privacy policies and that it will now share some of your personal account info with Facebook. While some users have no problem with this issue and some even see it as a logical progression as WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, other are appalled, and do not want to have the apps share their info between them.

Luckily, those who want to opt out of this can do so without really breaking a sweat and this is how you do it. When users launch the messaging app, they will be greeted by a message related to the new WhatsApp Terms and Conditions and they will have to choose between the following options: Agree, Disagree or Read More. At this point all you have to do is to turn off the toggle that suggests sharing your number with Facebook. It’s that easy!

The purpose of the information sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp is to create better targeted ads which will soon invade WhatsApp as well and to create more efficient solutions for the advertiser and the consumer. This means that if you opt out of this, you will not be receiving purchase suggestions from your friends on Facebook, nor will you be receiving the latest ads that are related to your lifestyle.

Of course, if you opt not to share your contact info, you will still be getting the updates for WhatsApp so you don’t really lose anything there. For the rest of you, who are interested in ads that fit your lifestyle, simply choose to share your phone number with Facebook.

So there you have it, there are some advantages to sharing your information but if you really don’t want to do that you can easily opt out of it.