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For Android users, updates might come a bit delayed leaving people frustrated and exhausted. Arguably, before any Android update comes to a mobile device, a new device has already been released with a newer version of the firmware. But, there is much better news for Sony Xperia users this time.

Sony Xperia Devices to Get Nougat Update

Among the devices designed by Sony, the Xperia Z series and the X series are expected to have a better chance at getting the next Android version. Sony officials say that they have been working to bring the much anticipated update to as many of their devices as possible. Additionally, they think that it will be done as quickly as possible.

Sony Xperia Nougat Release Date

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t been able to produce an exact date when the Nougat should be released. However, they have assured that the rollout of software is a phased method. In fact, it will involve availability and timing that should vary from one operator or market to another. Although most of the newer models will be supported, exceptions including operator and market conditions should apply.

Rumors About Android Update

If you think that you will have a timely update when you purchase a Sony Xperia device from a particular carrier, then you should know that this is not always the case. Sometimes, it can be a cause of delay for some devices because of the lack of effort and capability of such carriers.

For those who have all the luck of buying the most recent Sony Xperia for the latest Nougat update, then good for you. However, when you have an older device, you might be dependent on manual updates that can be acquired via websites offering a number of firmware updates not possible over the air. Nevertheless, this can be a risky move because it will void the warranty and expose the vulnerability of the device and yourself.