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After all of the controversy and talk surrounding the latest Pokemon Go game, it may be hard to remember that Nintendo is about to launch two other games in the series, entitled Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Supposedly, these games will be launched in November but fans may not have to wait that long to play it. The Korean Ratings Board has just given an E (Everyone) rating to a trial version of the Sun and Moon games which suggests that demo versions may become available very soon.

This Korean rating also implies that it’s very possible that the game trial will only be available in South Korea. At the same time it’s also possible that this is false news, because Nintendo hasn’t mentioned anything so far about a trial version of the game.

However, the previous games, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, both had a trial version released one month prior to the actual game launch so it would make sense to see a demo Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Not only that, but those who tested the trial versions of those games were able to transfer their special bonuses to the main games. For example, the players that encountered Pokemon such as Mega Glalie or Mega Steelix in the demo, were able to transfer them to the main game.

At the same time, if players would complete the demo several times, they could unlock Heart Scales, Nuggets, Heal Balls and Poke Balls and then transfer them to the main games. So, if this trial version does exist and the full game is expected to be launched on the 23rd of November 2016, this means that the former could be seen as soon as October 2016.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon games will be released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Australia, New Zealand and North America.

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