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Pokemon Go has been around for some time and it’s very likely that most of you have now reached the Trainer Level 5 which will enable you to opt for a team and to interact with a Gym. Here is a little bit of info to help you when interacting with Gyms.

To begin with, you may have noticed the tower-like, spinning constructions in the game. Those are Gyms. Depending on the Prestige level of the Gym it may have many or few Pokemon defending it.

Naturally, if it has many Pokemon defending it, it’s going to be very hard to take over.

Some gyms may be colored in red, blue or yellow, while others may be grey. The grey color suggests that it hasn’t been claimed by any team yet so it’s basically yours for the taking.

This brings us to the team aspect in Pokemon Go. There are three teams: Instinct, Valor and Mystic and you’ll have to join one as soon as you reach level 5. When you encounter Gyms in the wild, you will notice that some of them have the color of your team and others have the colors of the opposing teams.

When you go against a Gym that belongs to a rival team, you will have to fight the Pokemon that are defending it, whereas when you go to a Gym that belongs to your team, you’ll have many options such as Pokemon training in friendly matches or dropping a Pokemon to defend it.

Naturally, any battle you take on will grant XP points to your fighting Pokemon and, in turn, increase a Gym’s Prestige. For example, the XP you get from training the Pokemon is equal to 10% Prestige points.

However, when you win a Pokemon battle with a rival team, you will cause your opponents to lose Prestige.