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There are several important new smartphones that are expected to be released in the following months and two of those are the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel.

Here is an overview of the rumors regarding the camera features for these two devices to help the photographer in you decide which device is worth waiting for more.

To begin with, the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL are supposed to be the highly anticipated Nexus Marlin and Sailfish which were believed to be the devices that would have showcased the latest Android Nougat OS from Google. Instead, they weren’t released along with the OS as Google opted to let it roll out as an update for the existing Nexus devices.

It’s speculated that the Nexus devices will no longer be called ‘Nexus’ anymore, but ‘Pixel’ like the tablet and Chromebook lines.

It’s presumed that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will run two next gen Sony IMX camera sensors and the latest devices from Sony such as the Xperia X Compact and the Sony Xperia XZ are using an IMX300 sensor. This has also led to a rumor that the upcoming device will sport a 25 MP sensor. It should also be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 uses a Sony IMX260 sensor for the rear camera, which is an older gen.

The iPhone 7 on the other hand, is rumored to have two camera lenses, a telephoto one and a wide-angle one, plus 12 MP sensors for each camera. It’s also supposed to have 4 LED flash bulbs.

Both upcoming devices are believed to sport interesting cameras. However, the iPhone 7 is rumored to be released on the 7th of September so we’ll get to see it sooner that we get to behold the upcoming Google Pixel as there is no rumored or official launch date scheduled for it.