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Duke Nukem 3D can actually be called the godfather of the FPS type of games (first person shooter). During the last 20 years it was re-released and revamped for almost a dozen times and it was made compatible with a very large array of devices, from the iPad to Sega Saturn. However, according to Scott Warr, who is a publishing producer at Gearbox Software, there’s nothing like the original game.

His team, which still consists in some of the original developers, has put together the Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour. This is a definitive upgrade that keeps the original experience and only implements some key visual elements. Moreover, it will bring 8 new levels just to make you feel the original experience.

According to Warr, the 8 levels will have the same length as the original ones. Even more, they do not stray from the initial idea of the game and so it feels like you are playing a sequel to the game. The great part is that they kept the original aspect and that retro feel of the game. The team didn’t do the new true 3D renderer, so the things will not be stretched anymore.

They also added a new weapon that apparently was in the code, but it wasn’t present in the game: the Incinerator. this is a flame thrower that can now be used by players. You will see a new type of enemy now, called Firefly. They might look tiny, but they will become some big monsters and throw flames at you.

The original tools and assets stayed in the game, just like pretty much everything, just that they are used in slightly different ways. All in all, the new revamp seems to be quite interesting and we are definitely looking forward to trying it!