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Pokémon Go is one of those games that you should try out even if you are not a Pokémon fan. If you are a new, then you’ve come to the right place, as we will give you a few tips and tricks that you will find very useful in this game.

Visiting Parks With Multiple PokéStops

You can find Pokémon anywhere, but you will always find way more creatures if you go to a populated area. Parks are a good place where you can find many types of Pokémon. However, keep in mind that Pokémon will depend on the type of terrain those parks are, which means that you go in a park that has a lake also, there is a good chance that you will find water type Pokémon in there.

Hunting In Groups

When a Pokémon appears, it can be caught by every person in that area. In other words, it is great to hunt in groups, especially if you divide the group in a few areas in that park and, after that, announce each member where you found a Pokémon so can the rest of the group can come.

Using The Radar Ring To Discover Pokémon

While hunting Pokémon, you will notice that your avatar has a small pulsing ring which glows around it. This ring is actually your personal radar in the game and it will determine whether you are close enough to a Gym or PokéStop to use it, but it also detects if a nearby Pokémon is near you. When a Pokémon appear on your screen, it should be at 200-300 meters away from your current location.

Catching Many Pokémon Fast And Easy

We’re not sure why, but it seems that Pokémon love to stay in parking lots, especially if these parking lots are near a PokéStop. Players have reported that they have seen up to 5-6 Pokémon in a parking lot, which is pretty much.