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Are you still wondering about what does “Appraise” means in Pokemon Go? Don’t know what to do with it? No need to wonder any further because in this post, you will get to learn everything you need to know about the new feature in the game, its meaning, and a complete guide on how to use it.

Top-rated and the most popular game of today, Pokemon Go has recently received a new update for both its iOS (1.5.0) and Android (0.35.0) versions. If you’ve had the chance to download this latest Pokemon Go update for your device, you might have noticed that the new update includes a new feature called “Appraise” in the game. The question here is: what does this Appraise feature means and how exactly is it helpful in your game play?

The latest addition in the form of the “Pokemon Appraisal” feature allows you to find out the fighting strengths and weaknesses of your very own Pokemon. With this feature, you can get your captured critters “appraised” via your Team Leaders in the game. This means that Team Leaders will now teach you about the attack and defense capabilities of a Pokemon, thus naming it “Pokemon Appraisal.” So, now there’s no need to get a gym to talk to your Team Leader.

Although the new feature is convenient enough to interact with, some cryptic and puzzling messages by the Team Leaders might confuse gamers to a great extent. Hence, in order to help gamers understand about the appraisal feature and how should they decode those mystical messages from their Team Leaders in the game, we have compiled a thorough overview of the feature including how to use Leader’s comments for calculating Individual Values, and how these comments will help you build a strong Pokemon team. Read on to find out!

First of all, in order to appraise a Pokemon, go to the Main Menu of the Pokemon Go game and then head towards the Pokemon Menu. Next, select a specific Pokemon you wish to “appraise” by tapping the button provided in the bottom right-hand corner with three horizontal lines. From there you can select the “Appraise” option with other two options provided as well which are “Favorite” and “Transfer.”

Right after you tap the Appraisal button you will be presented with your relevant Team Leader – red, blue or yellow, namely Spark, Candela or Blanche – which will have with them a couple of statements or comments related to the hidden values of the chosen critter. Now we’re going to see what each value behind these comments refer to.

Combined Individual Values (IVs) of Pokemon

Every Pokemon has a particular set of individual values relating to attack, defense and stamina. Each of these values is assigned a specific number between 1 and 15, with the combined value being the collection of all the individual values. Each Pokemon is provided by the Team Leader with a number between 0 and 45 that makes the total IV of that particular Pokemon.

Top Stat

If the Pokemon has a combined value of 15 for Attack, with others being less, then the Team Leader will comment about that specific Pokemon’s Attack is the most powerful. Thus, the second stage of the appraisal depends on the highest ranking IV of the analyzed Pokemon. If there are two same values for the Pokemon, the Team Leader will take note of it.


The size of your chosen Pokemon has a direct effect on its capability to attack, defend and also on its hit points. This means a small Pokemon will have a small attack, a large will have a large attack, and so on. You can find out the size of your Pokemon under the “Weight” heading on the Pokemon’s readout.