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According to Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, it’s very possible that Apple will launch an iPad Pro 2 in three variants: a 9.7 inch one, a 10.5 inch one and a 12.9 inch one.

He also believes that the last two tablets will feature an A10X processor, whereas the smaller 9.7 inch one will feature an A9X chipset. Supposedly, Apple will introduce the 10.5 inch iPad variant in order to boost the shipment growth. This tablet is expected to be useful in the commercial and educational sectors.

Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that the new iPad will be improved in terms of faster panning, screen zooming and scrolling.

The iPad Pro 2 is also expected to be accompanied by a smaller iPad Pro Mini that is rumored to replace the anticipated iPad Mini 5. If we are to believe the rumors, than it’s very possible that that upcoming iPad Mini will sport a 7.9 inch display and similar specs to the supposed 9.7 inch version of the upcoming iPad Pro 2.

According to University Herald, the upcoming 9.7 inch iPad Pro 2 variant will be the basic model for the series and will be powered by an A9X processor. It will also be a budget low-end variant. As for the high-end variants, it’s presumed that those will be the 10.5 inch variant and the 12.9 inch one. Both devices are rumored to be powered by the latest processor form Apple, the A10X.

There are very few rumors about the price for the upcoming iPad Pro 2, but it is believed that one of the models, more likely one of the higher end variants to cost about $799.

Lastly, other rumors state that the iPad Pro 2 will be compatible to the Apple Pencil, thus rendering the iPad Mini obsolete. The presumed date of release for the devices is September 2016, so we should find out what happens to the iPad Mini lineup soon enough.