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If you may recall, Apple released iOS 9.3.5 last week which was designed to fix three zero-day bugs. These bugs were dubbed Trident and they could have enabled hackers to access personal data from a phone if the user would have tapped or clicked on a link sent via a message. In fact, they were used to create the Pegasus spyware which was launched by an US company that dealt with computer based exploits and targeted a political dissident from the United Arab Emirates.

According to Citizen Lab and Lookout, the company that discovered the attack, Pegasus is able to copy call histories, calendar entries, contacts and text messages.

Now, the same three Trident bugs could also be found in the desktop OS so Apple released two updates yesterday in order to fix this. The updates are designed for Safari 9 and OS X El Capitan and Yosemite. So far it’s unknown if the bugs affect older versions of Apple OSs.

Many Apple device users have started to wonder why there was such a huge difference between the launch of the 9.3.5 OS and the updates for the OSs because that implies that Mac users were vulnerable to attacks for a longer period than the iOS device users.

If you’re and OS X Yosemite or El Capitan user and the update doesn’t happen naturally, you should know that you can get the bug fixes from the Updates tab which can be found in the Mac App Store.

Users are always advised to update their OS regardless of what type they have, because updates usually come with improved performance, but more importantly with security patches that are essential nowadays.

The iOS 9.3.4 is available for the iPhone 4S and up, iPad 2 and up, the fifth and sixth gen of iPod Touches and for all of the iPad Minis and iPad Pros.