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Pokémon Go started losing players and Niantic is looking for solutions to bring them back. And Google seems to be willing to help this game regain its popularity, by adding a “Catching Pokémon” activity option in the Timeline of Google Maps app, as a Reddit user GoldLeader272 has noticed this addition.

Pokémon Go players who are also using Google Maps on Android should update Timeline activities by going to “Your timeline”, where they will tap on the travel icon and edit it to “catching Pokémon.” Timeline is a hidden feature and only a small amount of Google Maps users are paying attention to it. In this area, users can see an overview of all places they’ve visited and if they’ve used the navigation or driving mode to get to a location, they will see a step-by-step map that will tell them how they were traveling.

Timeline can be edited so that users will be able to know how they traveled not only by car, train or buy, but by wheelchair as well. The list of activities can include Pokémon catching, so players will be able to keep track of where they caught a monster, at what time and place. Other contacts or Pokémon Go players will have access to this information, as well, and this is a nice way to brag about what Pokémon you have in your collection.

A new Pokémon graphic was spotted recently in a recent update of Google Maps for Android, but nobody knows for sure when the functionality was added to the app. However, players are happy because Google knows better how to track Pokémon, and Niantic should learn more from the American giant, because players should be motivated to continue playing this awesome game.

We remind you that soon, Niantic will release a new update for Pokémon Go which will be named the “Buddy System” and it will allow players to have a Pokémon buddy, at a time.

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