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Cortana and the search function on Windows 10 is pretty much the same thing. Of course, Cortana is pretty useful when creating reminders, notifications, using language and so on, but it’s more than that. Microsoft imagined Cortana as a component of the next search generation, which is different than before through the fact that it customizes the content based on previous preferences and patterns you used.

In Windows 10, Cortana is both using the local search system for finding files, settings and other things you store on your PC, and Bing, for searches on the web. It is important to know how to use this great tool in order to maximize its results.

In this latest operating system, you either use the search box found in the taskbar and enter whatever query you have, or you can use the “Hey Cortana” feature for activating the listening mode. There is also a keyboard shortcut, Windows key + Shit + C in order to ask it to help you. In order to find exactly what you want, you should have a very specific query, otherwise Cortana will not understand the context and it will bring you lots of different results.

Keep in mind that the more you use a certain phrasing or a certain query, the assistant will create patterns and will get used to the type of results you are looking for. An interesting feature is the fact that you can connect your Cortana to your emails, people, calendar and other documents, if you subscribed for Office 365.

You should also know that Cortana doesn’t work the same on the Mobile OS. There you will find some limitations, for instance you can’t look for specific settings and files within the assistant app. For this, you will need to use the OneDrive and the File Explorer in the app.