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A team of Chinese developers have already showed the jailbroken version of iOS 10. However, this is only the beta version of the firmware. This was indeed easier to crack as beta versions are stripped of security features, unlike the regular release which should be very difficult to jailbreak. In fact, one Chinese hacker revealed that the final versions of the iOS are tougher to crack.

Only Pangu has successfully done this, but it has gained precious insights regarding the weak spots of the iOS 10. So, if Apple will not patch this firmware right away, Pangu will be able to exploit such weaknesses easily in less protected locations of the full and final version.

A lot of Apple device owners have already resorted to jailbreaking to gain access to those apps not being presented by the App Store for free. For one, this can definitely void the warranty of the device from the manufacturer if there is something wrong that should happen to the unit.

The sad thing is that users can be victimized by handing over some financial or personal data to unauthorized applications that are loaded with malware. This can happen anywhere, but in order to avoid this from happening, it is essential to download applications or files only from the trusted sources that should have been verified by Cydia or any other trusted sources.

So, if you would want to download and install popular versions of an app this should only be done if the app has been duly approved by the authorities. The iOS 10 beta jailbreak will surely provide ways of exploiting the firmware that could void the warranty and harm the security of that particular iOS device. Nevertheless, lots of people are still going to capitalize on this security flaw because it should enable them to enjoy what the regular iOS versions won’t provide.