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Just a few days before the much-awaited special event held by Apple in San Francisco (which will take place next week), the media received a huge leak about the iPhone 7. The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released lots of details about the upcoming device. Sure, there have been lots of rumors until now regarding the specs, the design and the release date of the newest device designed by Apple, but this report seems to contain the most details about this special event.

According to the report, Kuo claims that the iPhone 7 will enjoy 128 GB internal storage as the entry-level option and 256 GB as the upper-tier. This is really good news, since lots of users complained about storage issues after taking high-resolution photos, using apps that needed lots of space or shooting videos in 4K quality.

The iPhone 7 seems to come in five different colors: rose gold, gold, silver, piano black and dark black. Though there were rumors about a Dark Blue model, the report doesn’t mention anything about this.

Apple will also include a dual-lens camera on the back, which might increase the costs of the new device with around $40. Both of the lenses will be 12 MP ones, but one will actually be a wide-angle camera. The second will have smaller pixels and a 5P lens.

The phone will be based on the same color display feature that Apple introduced for the first time in the 9.7 inches iPad Pro. This will offer you better fidelity and better quality. Moreover, you will also get a static button that resembles the trackpads of the MacBook series, an A10 chipset of 2.4 GHz and a better water resistance feature. If all this will turn out to be true, the iPhone 7 will be indeed a top-notch device.