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The best thing that you have to do when you need to get updated with the latest version of WhatsApp is to join a beta testing program. You can download a beta version by visiting the WhatsApp website as you can manually download an APK file from it.

  • Enable Installation of Apps from Untrusted Sources

First thing that you need to do is to enable your mobile device for some settings that should allow the installation of applications from untrusted sources. This will make your device vulnerable to any file that can be installed accidentally though.

  • Using the Beta Testing

If you think that enabling the installation from untrusted sources should violate your privacy or threaten your security, then you can alternatively use the beta testing program. This will allow you to download a beta app that has not been released yet from the Play Store.

  • Joining the Beta Testing Program

Simply search for the website from your browser. Once you are in the website, you can hit the download button, then a webpage will greet you and will ask a confirmation if you really want to join a beta testing program.

You will be asked to register in this service, then you should be asked for the latest updates to the WhatsApp from the browser of your device. Once doing this, you can begin downloading and you will see that the older version of the app has already been updated to its latest version.

Take note that WhatsApp servers have older versions of the app. So, after joining the beta testing program, you can take advantage and try new features not yet available on the regular updates.

Just be aware that beta testing programs can receive updates almost every single day, which could eat up your data plan. Likewise, your device can send back some data to the developer on a timely basis that could also use up data on your part.