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The fast ring of the Windows Insider has just bloomed with a new build. Called build 14915, it is in fact a new version of the Windows 10 operating system. Basically, it changes the Delivery Optimization feature, which is a way of bringing apps, updates and new builds faster to the Windows 10 users through a peer-to-peer strategy. This feature first got introduced in the latest OS released by Microsoft back in November 2015, when it received the major update called Threshold 2.

Dona Sarkar works as a program lead for Windows Insider and she declared that Delivery Optimization allows users now to take pieces of apps and updates from PCs found worldwide, not just PCs found on the local network. Even so, you should keep in mind that once this service is turned on, if you’re a Windows 10 user you will also be able to upload bits and pieces on the Internet. Though this sounds really good, we are hoping that it will not turn into a major security or privacy issue in the future.

However, this feature of downloading small pieces of data from other PCs connected to the Internet is not such a new idea. The option was listed on devices even before the Anniversary Update was released, so it’s safe to assume that the option existed, but it wasn’t activated up until now. Sarkar reported that this local PC connection of the peer-to-peer feature decreased the bandwidth use somewhere between 30 and 50% ever since it was introduced in November.

This happens because instead of downloading the entire file from a single machine, Delivery Optimization feature breaks down the download into several small pieces. For each piece, it looks for the closest, fastest and most trustworthy source and only then it downloads it, thus using less bandwidth.