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Users were happy when they received the Anniversary Update for their Windows 10 because it came with some completely new and interesting features. One of these was the OS-level Ink features adapted for the stylus devices, for instance. Another major addition was represented by the changes the company made to Cortana. The developers placed it above the screen, so it’s easier now to play music, ask questions, make notes, set reminders and other such things without actually sitting at the desktop. The best part is that this virtual assistant is useful across all your devices, from Windows 10 to Android, Cyanogen and iPhone. This enables you to send things across all the devices and it is useful as such for work and personal organization.

But besides all the good things it brought, like any update, it also came with some bugs. One of the ones which really annoyed users and caused them trouble was the login bug. When a user was running a PC based on two drives, for instance one reserved for the OS and another for apps or other data, the OS completely froze. This caused lots of discontent among users who have been trying to find out what was the source of this bug and how could they fix it.

Sadly, it wasn’t the kind of problem with an easy solution, and many had to remove the update altogether in order to be able to use the computer again. At the middle of August the company paid some serious attention to the issue and on the 31st of August, Microsoft packed the fix in the Windows Update.

The recent addition to Windows Update does not cover all the bugs that appeared in the Anniversary Update, but at least it lets users log in and open their OS. Fans are still waiting for a solution to other serious problems.