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The use of smartphones has been evolving in which having only a single device might not be enough. Thus, many have engaged in using phones that are dual-SIM enabled to be able to use the device for two different purposes. One can be used for work-related stuff, while the other one can be used for family or lovers. Nevertheless, one device is still not enough for many because two devices should offer more possibilities.

The dilemma is on how to use a single WhatsApp account on two mobile phones simultaneously. Here are some basic steps for you to mimic.

  • Ensure that the WhatsApp app has been updated to its latest version.
  • Open the browser on your second device then go to the website.
  • Select the mode for desktop site on the settings from your browser.
  • A QR code can be seen if your desktop version has successfully been activated.
  • Simply scan the code that should appear on the screen of your second device with the use of your first device’s camera. This shouldn’t take too much time.
  • After completing the scan, the account from the first device that you have should also be activated automatically on your second unit.

After following the steps carefully, you can absolutely get the WhatsApp account on both devices. This can also be used on a tablet or other platforms aside from just a smartphone running on Android. So, basically, you can use this on other cross-platform devices as well. So, if you have a smartphone, a tablet or a PC altogether, you can still enjoy using the same Android, Windows or iOS devices all at once.

If you opt to logout from your second device or your first, you can do so by simply clicking on the settings indicated by the 3 dots atop the column of the contacts, then you can select log out from the options. Thus, you can again use your WhatsApp mobile app on just a single device once again.