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Pokemon GO fans tested the most recent version of the game and encountered an interesting thing that is supposed to be introduced in a future patch. The addition consists in a “Buddy System”, an update that lets any trainer choose one particular Pokemon and create a bond with it.

Practically, this means that you can choose one single Pokemon and train it. Thus you make it your buddy and walking it around will bring you more candy for the Pokemon. This strategy is based on the same technique of calculating distance that is used in hatching the eggs.

However, there are some limitations too. You can only have one Pokemon at a time, for instance. However, you can indeed walk it several times a day, though you will not be able to gain more candy than a certain daily limit. The developers also introduced a new animation for this feature, in which you will be able to see the Buddy Pokemon following you around on the screen.

Of course, this version is not the final one and can suffer some modifications until it sees its introduction into the game. Some rumors claim that it might hit the game even next week. The entire feature seems to be plausible and it would come as a natural consequence to the requests fans have been making for quite a while now.

Perhaps this would be a smart move to get the game up in sales again, since after the shocking and unprecedented boom it had during the first weeks after launch, its success has seen a decline. Though experts claim the decline is natural and that no game could support such a high level of interest for a long time, maybe adding some new and interesting features will convince people to come back to it or to download it if they haven’t already.