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It’s clear for everybody that a main aim of the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is to impress the audience. And it’s not such an easy job, given the fact that its previous model, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, had really good reviews and positive reactions both from critics and from consumers. However, there are some voices that claim there’s actually no need for a fifth version of Surface Pro. Despite all these talks and rumors, Microsoft seems to be keen on showing everybody that they can produce a better device.

Rumors everywhere had it that the new device is going to see the light of the day this year. However, according to PC Advisor, a much more logical step would be for Microsoft to release it next year. They published a report showing a photo they got from one developer. This developer supposedly visited the Building 88 at Microsoft and snapped some photos of placeholders. If we were to believe the photos, there is one Surface device that is labeled with 2016 and other three products with 2017. This might actually be a proof that we won’t get to see the Pro 5 launched until 2017. The device with the label 2016 might actually be the Microsoft Surface Phone.

There is also another report claiming a delay in release for this device, which is based on the fact that Microsoft intends to use the latest technology available. Most likely, the American company will use Kaby Lake processors developed by Intel, which have not even been released yet. Given that there are only three months left until the end of the year, it’s highly unlikely for us to see a release.

Apparently the device will come in 2K and 4K options and at least 16 GB RAM, though these are unconfirmed rumors.