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The Grand Theft Auto series is without any doubt one of the most popular gaming series out there. Even if the GTA 5 game is quite old already, there are still a good amount of gamers that are playing this game every day. While the story mode is not played as much as before, it seems that most of the gamers are focusing on GTA Online. Let’s not forget that Rockstar is still releasing new DLCs for the GTA Online which are free and can be accessed by any gamer that has purchased the GTA 5 game.

However, there are still a good amount of gamers who are now waiting for the GTA 6 game. Unfortunately, Rockstar doesn’t want to reveal any information about this title, so it’s not sure if this game is actually in development right now. According to some new rumors, Rockstar might announce the GTA 6 this year or sometime in early 2017. If this will happen, the GTA 6 title will most likely hit the stores in 2018.

GTA 6: Can This Game Be Released In 2018?

We don’t think that the GTA 6 will come this year, but there are high chances that it will be announced in 2017. When it comes to the release date, the GTA 6 will most likely arrive in 2018 or later. We remind you that some previous rumors were suggesting that this title will hit the stores sometime in 2019-2020, when the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox One are expected to be released.

In other words, the developer might also wait first for these two next gen consoles to be released and only after that, the game will be available for them. We remind you that some reports were suggesting that the GTA 6 will actually be one of the first games that will be released for the two upcoming consoles.

Do you think that GTA 6 will be released in 2018?