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Recently Bethesda launched a new patch for the much-loved game Fallout 4. Contrary to many people’s expectations, it does not bring new features or lots of changes and fixes. Instead of this, the update with the number 1.7.15 concentrates on just one thing: making the Nuka-World monorail functional again.

It was indeed somewhat a surprise for users when they looked over the patch notes and saw that there was just one line about fixing the issue where the monorail did not start properly. There were lots of people that reported having this issue on the Bethesda forums and the problem was that it wasn’t tied to any single platform. Some have tried reinstalling the Nuka-World, but this didn’t solve the issue for anybody.

The update 1.7.15 for Fallout 4 is now available for PC users too and next week it will also be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. However, there is no particular and official release date for the console version of the game, though you can rest assured that you will receive the update soon.

Nuka-World is the final add-on for Fallout 4, the sixth in its series. It was released on the 30th of August for all the gaming platforms and its action is set in an amusement park in a post-nuclear world. It brings new items and quests, along with other changes and upgrades.

Other expansions Fallout 4 received in time were Vault-Tec Workshop, released this July, Contraptions Workshop, which we got in June, Far Harbor, launched in May, Wasteland Workshop, brought in April, and Automatron, finished in March. You can get all of them, including the Nuka-World in the Fallout 4 DLC Pass, which costs $50. It’s not such a big amount and it’s totally worth it if you’re a fan and if you want to play all the expansions.