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One of the mobile applications that have given much convenience to the lives of people is the app called WhatsApp. This is a messenger that should allow anyone to exchange messages free of any charge. Different devices will be able to enjoy this app regardless of the platform on each mobile unit. So this can be installed on an iOS or Android device.

If you happen to own a device running iOS, then you should follow some of the helpful steps as presented here.

  • Launch the iTunes App Store

If your device has been installed with the latest App Store, then all you have to do is to launch it from the desktop. Otherwise, you need to update the app by logging into your iTunes account.

  • Search the App for Downloading

Simply input the name of the app you wish to download and install. In this case, you have to search for the app named WhatsApp Messenger.

  • Download the App

Once you have determined the application that you want to install on your iOS device, tap on the rectangular install button just below the app name to the right. This will automatically lead to the downloading of the app provided you have a Wi-Fi or data plan connection.

  • Tap on the Pricing Button

Try to check the details of using the app as it will be free for the first year of usage then it will cost around 99 cents annually following the first year.

  • Input an iTunes App Store Account

You have to enter the details of your iTunes account as you will be prompted to do so before you can download the said app.

  • Wait Until Done

As the app should be downloaded, you can begin using the WhatsApp mobile messenger. Simply wait for the time it finishes to download indicated on the progress bar.