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Google is advising Android users not to download applications from third party sources, because they could hide dangerous malware. But it seems that the Google Play store isn’t a safe place either, since new malware has discovered and it targets corporate users, although the company has employees to check software uploaded to the store.

This isn’t the first time when malware is found in Play Store, but the latest type that has been discovered was dubbed DressCode. IT security company Check Point has found this malware hidden in 40 applications and the earliest one dates from April 2016. Also, this type of malware has spread across other 400 unofficial app stores and the infection is doing a lot of damage.

After infecting a device, the malware creates a so-called botnet and hackers use targeted phones to route traffic through them. Check Point said that DressCode can be used to generate false ad clicks and traffic and to collect revenue, but a botnet is more dangerous because it gains access to company servers and files and it steals important data from offices.

Google has been contacted in this regard and most likely, in the next period, its employees will remove infected applications posted by Check Point in its article. The malware is usually embedded in “Dress-up” kids games and even if, apparently, it targets children who download software without their parents’ knowledge, there are still many adults who are tempted to play kids games in their free time, on phones or tablets offered by the companies they work for. And if corporate users make the mistake to install one of these games infected with the Dress-up, they will fall victims to botnet type of attack.

It’s important to install an anti-virus program and to protect mobile devices against dangerous software that normally, it’s used for ad traffic. However, some viruses affect the performance of process running in the background, draining battery life pretty fast.