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In the past weeks, several new updates to the well-loved messaging platform WhatsApp have been making users even happier. You can now forward messages and share files and videos to multiple contacts at the same time. There is now a voice mail and call back feature when someone doesn’t answer your call. And you can already receive a missed call notification straight in a chat window, making it easier for you to track who’s been trying to get a hold of you.

Aside from all those awesome updates for iOS users, here are even more new features you can use in your iPhone.

You can embed a previous text in your reply.

This can definitely be useful in group chats to make it clear who or what message you are referring to. If you need to use it, you just have to long press on the message that you want to quote, then select the ‘Reply’ tab. You can then add your reply, hit send, then see the embedded text with your reply.

You can read messages without sending read receipts.

If you’re still a bit busy to reply right away but want to still be able to read messages without sending a read receipt to the sender (to avoid misunderstandings of why you haven’t replied yet after two hours when you obviously already saw the message), this feature will be your answer. You just have to use the 3D Touch on your iPhone to get a preview of the message without alerting the sender that you’ve read it.

You can block the notification preview.

Don’t want WhatsApp notifications to keep popping up in your preview, or a bit particular about other people reading your messages? Then block notification previews by going to your WhatsApp Settings > Notifications, then turn off the ‘Show Preview’ option.

The latest iOS update as of this writing is the release of the 2.16.9 version for iPhone, then there was also the ability to use different format texts and a different font many weeks ago.