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Samsung has really hit the jackpot last year with the Gear S2 smartwatch they launched. This year, they made some changes to the model they are planning to release. Today, Samsung is unveiling the upcoming model, the Gear S3, in Berlin. It’s a supposedly bigger and better version of the S2, including more technology and keeping the things that proved to be successful until now.

If the S2 was quite small for a smartwatch, S3 is somewhat chunky. The previous model included a 42 mm case, with a 11.4 mm thickness, and now the S3 jumps to a 46 mm case and 12.9 mm thickness. It is indeed a big change and it remains to be seen whether people will be satisfied by it or not.

The screen is also larger, from 1.2 inches in the S2 model to 1.3 inches in the S3. According to Samsung, big screens are on trend right now, especially when it comes to luxury watches. This leaves no room for people who are looking for smaller watches, sadly.

However, the fact that they included extra space means they added some new features too. Among the recent additions you can find a speaker and a GPS, along with NFC (useful when making mobile payments). The company is now introducing a completely new feature, called MST, which makes the device compatible with older terminals that only allow swiping. There will also be another version of the device that is compatible with LTE.

Samsung declared that their aim is to offer 3-4 days of battery life with the new watch, even for the LTE version. What is interesting is that it seems the company will make the watch go into a watch-only mode after it has less than 5% battery. Thus, it will only show the time for around 24 hours.