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In June 2016, on the App Store were two million apps for iPhone and iPad and since the launch of the store in 2008, they have been downloaded over 130 billion times. Some of the apps no longer work or are outdated and Apple is planning to remove them, to make room for other new apps, and it already sent an email to the developer community, to inform everyone about the changes.

This is the message that Apple has sent to developers: “We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.”

Unlike Google, Apple has preferred to accept fewer apps and games, choosing quality over quantity, but even so, the store started to get filled with more or less popular applications. While some apps have been downloaded millions of times, others have never been downloaded and they occupy space in vain, especially because they have been created for older versions of iOS and nowadays, users are upgrading their iPhones and installing the latest version. This means that apps are also being updated to support newer iOS versions, and those abandoned apps must be removed.

It’s not sure how many applications will be deleted from the App Store, but it’s a good decision to get rid of the useless apps that don’t belong to the App Store search pages. Apple is also declaring war on spammy app names that appear when searching for a popular app. For example, when searching for Instagram, results include also an application that is called Instagram Photo Collage, or Picture Editor etc.

Moreover, developers must choose shorter names for their apps, which will have less than 50 characters. The cleanup of the old apps will start on September 7 and developers who don’t update their apps over the next 30 days, Apple will remove them, as well as the apps that crash on launch.