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By now, you’ve probably used WhatsApp or at least heard of the popular messaging service. But did you know that WhatsApp has a couple of doppelgangers that have also become well-known and widely used? These alternatives are WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Blue, and they have been around for quite some time.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus was created by a Spanish app developer named Rafelete. The app works almost the same way as the original WhatsApp, although there are several differences that set these two apart. For one thing, WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize your chat screen using skins or themes, which isn’t possible with the original WhatsApp. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, so you can choose your own text color, background image/color, and other things to personalize the app and make it your own.

Another thing you can do with WhatsApp Plus is to choose from a large number of emoticons — larger than what the original messaging app offers. This makes it easier for you to express your emotions and spice up conversations with your loved ones. Unfortunately, the additional emoticons can only be seen by those who also use WhatsApp Plus so, if your friends are using the original app, they’ll see a question mark instead of the emoticon you’re using.

WhatsApp Plus also allows you to increase the size of files that you’d share with friends up to 50MB. This comes greatly handy when you’d like to share videos and other large files to your family and friends.

WhatsApp Blue

Another WhatsApp alternative is WhatsApp Blue. It basically works like the original WhatsApp although, like WhatsApp Plus, it has a few features that sets it apart from the popular messaging. One of these is the color of its logo and interface which, as its name implies, is blue (the original WhatsApp color is green). It comes with new Google-based emojis on top of the existing WhatsApp emojis, and it has new icons for messages, missed calls,  incoming calls, outgoing calls, and other parts of the app’s interface.

What sets WhatsApp Blue apart from other alternatives is that it’s anti-ban, meaning you won’t be banned from using the original WhatsApp application if you get caught using this modded app. This is great since the WhatsApp App staff are serious about banning people who use unauthorized modded applications.

What to Keep in Mind

WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Blue work only on Android devices so, if you own an iPhone, you won’t be able to download them and enjoy their features. It’s also important to note that these alternative applications were modified by independent developers, not by the original WhatsApp team. In fact, WhatsApp points out on their blog that they did not develop WhatsApp Plus and have not authorized it, and they cannot guarantee the safety and security of those who use the modded app. So, if you plan to use and download either WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Blue, you’ll be doing so at your risk and it would be your responsibility to guard your private information.